Mansur Gavriel's Bags Changed Lives—and Now The Brand Is Making Clothes

Back in 2012, Mansur Gavriel's debut handbag collection—simple, structured leather buckets at reasonable, mid-tier price points—changed the It item game forever. It was a period where "contemporary" fashion (that's basically anything that's above high street but below the thousands and thousands one might spend on traditional power designer labels) was blazing an agenda-setting trail through the retail scene. Suddenly, previously alienated girls like us could pick up the directional design without selling a kidney, and when the cost of luxury leather goods was scaling new heights, the design duo (Floriana Gavriel and Rachel Mansur) swooped in to fill an important gap.

While the brand's offering has expanded exponentially in the accessories department—you'll now find grosgrain satin mules alongside a plethora of handbag styles from ultra-mini totes through to circular handheld vanity cases—MG has just launched its inaugural ready-to-wear collection, proving that slow and steady wins the style race.

Fall 2017 Mansur Gavriel RTW and Accessories ❤Shop now at

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Remaining true to the pared-back codes this successful house has been built on, the clothing is just as covetable—and, hallelujah, useful—as you'd expect.

The fashion crowds have been waiting with bated breath until the sneak-peek Instagram posts could come to fruition—and we've heard that it's the coats that are already selling like crazy. So without further ado, let's take a look at (and shop from) the line that's about to make Net-a-Porter go into a near-meltdown.

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The swingy hem of this makes it so flattering over skinny jeans.

The exact shade of red that suits everyone.

Who says you can only wear pastels in the summer?

Cue a stampede for this one.

Next up, your autumn guide to layering clothes.

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