Mango's Autumnal Drop Is Just So Cool—This Is What I'm Buying

Of all the high-street shops we frequent, sometimes Mango can get a little overlooked. And that, my friends, is a total travesty, especially considering how good its recent autumnal drop is. What sparked this sudden realisation was spotting a seriously cool cropped teddy jacket on Instagram and wondering where it was from. Mango was, of course, the answer. I then headed over to the website where I discovered that this season’s collection is exactly what you need in your wardrobe—chic pieces that last seasons but are still cool enough to tap into the current trends. There are leather-effect trousers, Western-style fringed jackets, and incredible knits that’ll last you from now until it gets warm again. Ready to see which pieces I rate? Keep scrolling for my pick of the best items to shop at Mango right now.

Next up, the biggest autumn/winter 2019 trends you need to know.

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