The High-Street Coat Every In-the-Know Girl Has Bought Already

Another day, another win for Mango. We've made no secret of the fact that we love the shop's shoes and one particular miniskirt, but this time it's the high-street store's checked coat we've got our eye on. This piece of outerwear has become a favourite for many a fashion influencer. Spotted on Pernille Teisbaek, Lucy Williams, Joanna Halpin and Patricia Manfield, the longline coat is just £120—a bargain for anyone looking for a decent jacket to last through the winter months. 

All four have styled theirs slightly differently, with Williams going for a combo of vinyl trousers, red boots, and knitwear. Teisbaek did a similar look but opted for a graphic tee with hers. Halpin, however, went for a more '90s look and paired her checked coat with a miniskirt, turtleneck, and loafers. (Rachel Green, eat your heart out.) Manfield went the casual route with jeans and a beanie. Of course, you can wear yours any way you fancy, but we like the jeans-and-boots ensemble the most, as you just know the addition of this coat will immediately make you look 100 times chicer. Keep scrolling to see the coat in action on Instagram and where to shop it now.

Shop the coat

Yes, it's still in stock, but we reckon it won't be for much longer. 


This new version is still in stock and the perfect length for spring.

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