The Expensive-Looking Mango Dress Influencers Are Pouncing On Right Now

Mango Beige Halterneck Dress: Monikh Dale wears Mango’s beige halterneck dress with a suede shoulder bag



Is it just me, or is it finally starting to feel like summer? With June’s arrival imminent, I’m eagerly anticipating the sunny days and balmy nights the season brings—so, naturally, I’ve begun mentally assembling outfits to suit. However, I’ve noticed there’s a gap in my wardrobe; between the slightly heavier pieces I wear in springtime and the items I pack when I’m jetting off on holiday, I’m somewhat lacking in clothes to wear for summer at home, in Britain, where linen short sets and crop tops are perhaps a little optimistic as far as the weather is concerned.

To fill the aforementioned gap, I’ve decided to treat myself to a couple of dresses—throw-on frocks I can style in a multitude of ways (read: with knitwear) and that will offer me some respite from my overworn jeans. Keen not to spend a fortune, particularly on dresses that feel very “now,” I’ve been keeping an eye out for classic styles in never-date tones that will last beyond 2022. Enter Mango’s latest cult dress. 

Whilst indulging in some scrolling, I couldn’t help but notice that both Monikh Dale and Camille Charrière had snapped up the very same Mango dress—a dark-beige midi dress with a subtle halter neckline and a slim-fit cut. With ’90s undertones, it certainly feels current, but not in a flash-in-the-pan sort of way; instead, it feels timeless—like you could pull it on in any decade and it would fit in. Pretty impressive, if you ask me, for a dress that costs £50.



Since seeing it, I’ve been dreaming up the vast variety of ways in which I could wear it—my favourites involve chunky thong sandals in black, my canvas Supergas and some strappy heeled sandals. Perhaps I’ll even dabble in a hint of colour—can you picture it with a tangerine handbag? I know I can! 

Though it was unavailable when I first discovered it, my email notifications alerted me of its arrival last night. With one already safely on its way to me, I thought I best share it with you now before it inevitably sells out. After consulting Monikh’s and Camille’s looks, scroll on to shop Mango’s beige halterneck dress for yourself below. Then, continue on to see more impressive Mango dresses that have just landed on site.



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