How Mango Became the High-Street Label of 2017

Spanish high street brand Mango has arguably been in Zara’s shadow over the years, however, in almost no time at all it has done a total 180 and become one of the most talked-about affordable labels in fashion circles.

“Over the last few seasons Mango has elevated itself to become one of the strongest on the high street,” says journalist Pandora Sykes. “It is super Céline inspired—it plays heavily on the deconstructed construction and it all works well together. When everyone was going mad during show season for Celine’s pink flares, Mango debuted an excellent pair via various influencers—and they too sold out.”

A dive into Instagram’s data confirms that the high street name is indeed becoming as important in high fashion circles as it is within the competition in its price bracket. “Mango is still associated to Zara in general on Instagram,” Launchmetrics tells Who What Wear UK. "But when we look at the Committed campaign [Mango's sustainable line], Mango is also associated to ASOS, Acne Studios and Céline. This Instagram campaign really changed the position of the brand.”