I Live in Manchester and Always See These 5 Trending Items

It’s extremely cliched to talk about the weather when referring to Manchester, however, our rainy climate does mean we have to put in a little extra consideration when it comes to fashion choices. And even more so this year, when we've spent a lot of time outside. In 2020, when most social activities (if any) have had to take place in parks (or anywhere open and cold), there’s certainly been a surge of practical outfits seen across the city centre—although I'd say it's still distinctively Manchester cool. While London might be considered the centre of fashion in the UK, and in many ways it is, the history of fashion in the Northern city is rich and varied, and continues to influence how the UK gets dressed. 

It was the first city in the world to have a steam-driven textile mill, which earned it the nickname 'Cottonopolis', as it became a mecca for the cotton industry in the 19th century. Skip forward a century to  rave culture and the iconic music scene and the city continues to have a far-reaching impact on our wardrobes—the sports-casual look that was worn by the likes of Oasis is still very popular. Today, Manchester is swiftly becoming a new hub for emerging fashion brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Public Desire. 

manchester style: modest mira wearing a black jumper, baggy jeans, converse



Taking all of the above into consideration, it's no surprise that vintage sportswear, preppy knitwear, and voluminous coats have received a lot of love across the city this season. Manchester-based influencer Rosie Butcher has been enjoying snug knits from the likes of Sezane and Rouje, whilst also enjoying the extra comfort (and protection) from quilted jackets. Meanwhile, Amira (AKA @modestmira_) is seldom seen out of a great pair of classic trainers, which she'll pair with oversized knitwear and '90s-style baggy jeans. Keep scrolling to see which trending items I've spotted in Manchester over the past few months. 

Quilted Coat

This year, as the UK was forced to spend a lot more time outside, practical, quilted coats became a favourite in Manchester. I spotted brands such as Everlane and & Other Stories being worn around the city (from a safe distance, of course).

Classic Trainers

Vintage sportswear has been embraced ten-fold in 2020 and Manchester has long had a love affair with trainers of all kinds from Converse to Adidas classics. 

Midi Dresses

The city might have a history of amazing nightlife but while that's very much on hold, going out 'out' looks are too. Instead, I've seen more midi dresses as a way to dress up, but without being too over-the-top. 

Boxy Blazers

Another trend I've spotted is a boxy, slightly oversized blazer. These are great for pairing with loose jeans and layering jumpers underneath. 

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