The Pants Styles That Are In and Out According to Man Repeller

If you had to anoint one fashion blogger as the end-all and be-all expert on pants, wouldn't you pick Leandra Medine? The übersuccessful founder of Man Repeller has basically built her empire on her love for the style, and now she's using that authority to speak out on what she loves—and what she hates. 

Medine is featured in Net-a-Porter's most recent issue of The Editin which she shares the pants style she's currently obsessed with and the one she wishes would go away for good.

“Culottes. It’s the pant shape I want to wear right now,” Medine says. “Culottes are very forgiving and generous, and look good on lots of body types. If I see another pair of skinny jeans, I’m going to stab myself in the eye."

Well, there you have it, folks. As we've stated again and again, the skinny jean is officially experiencing a slow but sure deathKeep scrolling to shop culottes we think Medine would love now!

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Do you agree with Leandra Medine's assessment of culottes and skinny jeans? Tell us below!