Our Male Editor Tries a Day in Heels for the First Time

I may have a beard and a voice that's three octaves deeper than the majority of my colleagues, but I love women's fashion—shoes in particular. (Hence, I choose to wake up every single day and write about the latest trends and collections for you, dear readers.) But recently I had a thought: OK, Bobby, you claim you love women's shoes so much and spend more time surrounded by them than your own loved ones, but you've never actually experienced them firsthand (i.e., never felt the pain women actually have to go through when they live their lives three inches—or more—above the earth).

So after all of these years writing about women's shoes, I finally decided to step up to the plate (literally) and test out heels for a day once and for all.

First up, the selection process—which pair would I try out first. I spoke to a few girlfriends, and something from Stuart Weitzman—mainly the Naked sandals—were voted the best bet (and most comfortable!). So I went on the hunt to find a pair in my size—size 12 in women’s. After locating the perfect pair (with a little help from Stuart Weitzman), I went for it—I spent an entire workday in heels. Yes, I actually did this (without cheating!) and have the photos to prove it.

Keep scrolling to peep snaps of this male editor in heels and learn more about my experience, including my new appreciation for all you ladies.