Drumroll, Please: The First It Dress of 2019 Has Emerged

One of the most brilliant things about Instagram (aside from the adorable animals) is that there are hundreds—if not thousands—of fashion brands just waiting to be discovered and added to our wardrobes. In fact, some of our favourite breakout brands from the past 12 months were stumbled across mid-scroll, making Instagram easily the most important marketing tool for any startup. Do it well and your company can skyrocket.

It was just last week we saw Emili Sindlev posing for a mirror selfie wearing a cotton floral frock boasting a billowing silhouette, extravagant sleeves and a ruffle collar—exactly the sort of thing that would stop us in our tracks. Curious, we tapped to see where her creation was from, and up popped the handle @m.92_clothing. Later that day, we saw yet another influencer, Charlotte Jacklin, wearing the same M.92 dress.

We decided to investigate further and found countless other sartorially blessed ladies had also snapped up the same trapeze dress. Not one, not two, but six influencers already have this dress. If (as the saying goes) three's a trend, then this is is akin to a cultural movement.