I've Been Buying My Knickers From This High-Street Store for Over 20 Years

Honestly, I really don't make a habit out of talking about my knickers. But there is something that I feel needs to be shared when it comes to discussing underwear: I only buy my everyday pants from Marks & Spencer. Call me a clichéd Brit, but I stand by the quality of the high-street store. And I know I'm not alone: M&S sells over 60 million pairs of knickers every year, with one in three women buying their lingerie from the retailer. And at the beginning of this year, the 130-year-old retailer revealed that it had a "record market share in lingerie."

What is it about the knicker quality that makes me repeat buy, when I could go to other places that are cooler or even cheaper? One word: comfort. The pants, in many iterations, are some of the softest and stretchiest I've ever worn. But—and here's the key part—they never feel like I'm not being supported. Also, unlike many other brands, they don't suddenly lose their shape in a month's time. They also last. Now that you know why I shop them, I'll let you peruse a selection of the ones I always buy.

Not into black? The good news is that there are plenty of bright colours to choose from. 

If you're wearing a bit of a risqué outfit, then no one will even notice you're wearing these. 

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