27 Money's-No-Object Gifts You'll Find on Our Dream Christmas List

There are so many things about Christmas that are significantly more important than the gifting element. This we know. That doesn’t change the fact that finding the perfect present for that special someone still comes up high on the list of priorities for most. So whether you’re in a position where budgets need not apply or you’ve spent the best part of the year saving to bestow a loved one with a gift they’ll never forget, we can help with that. 

Luxury Gifts for Her 2019: @aimeesong's dressing table gives us plenty of inspiration



With prices ranging from hundreds to thousands, we’ve let our fashion fantasies run wild. The result? An edit 27 gifts that are so incredibly beautiful, it’s hard to believe they even exist. From the chicest outerwear and the brand of shoes every woman would like to find under her Christmas tree to golden barware and designer dessert plates, keep scrolling to see the best luxury gifts for her 2019 has to offer.

What’s more luxurious than a faux-fur wrap coat? Answer: Very little. 

Naturally, a piece of Chloé arm candy made its way on here. 

This fragrance will smell good on you and look great placed on your drawer.

Maybe this year we’ll finally find a The Vampire’s Wife dress underneath our tree.

Because you should be able to WhatsApp chicly, too. 

The fact these earmuffs will help keep you toasty makes them effectively an essential. 

Make your signature cocktail in serious style. 

Pair this will a tulle midi skirt for the ultimate in fancy attire. 

The ideal accompaniment to Egyptian cotton bed sheets. 

You need to see this candle in real life to see just how huge it is. 

These are almost too pretty to take out of the box. Almost. 

These earrings will look particularly elegant set against an effortless undo. 

If you’re really lucky, you might even find the matching trousers in the gift box. 

The original might set you back a few hundred thousand, but this official framed print will bestow a living room with the same luxury aesthetic. 

The spectrum of colours means this scarf will go with just about any outfit you wear. 

Desserts will taste all the sweeter when eaten off of these porcelain Gucci plates. 

Cartier’s iconic bracelet-strap has been given an upgrade. 

This will feel even more luxurious if there’s a surprise trip to New York City to go with it.

This statement knit will look just as good with jeans as it will layered over a gold sequinned dress. 

Owning a designer initial necklace is practically a fashionable rite of passage. 

When you have a bag as pretty as this, who needs possessions to fill it with? 

Try pairing this dress with white knee-high boots for a cool take on party dressing. 

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