You'll Never Guess Who Is Buying All the Birkins

The fashion industry has been undergoing some drastic changes in the past few years. One of the fastest-growing sectors? The luxury resale market. It’s not really a shock, considering that some researchers say luxury items are now a better investment than the stock market. One thing that might surprise you, however, is the consumer base that’s driving these sales—men.

According to midyear reports from Glossy on companies like The RealReal, the men’s Birkin bag sold 100% of its inventory on the consignment site, demonstrating a mounting interest among men in those luxury apparel and bags. “Men are becoming more engaged in consignment,” said Rati Levesque, chief merchant at The RealReal. “They’re thinking more about what they’re purchasing and what has value in the secondary market.” The report also noted that men’s consignment sales overall have more than doubled. It just goes to show that menswear is no longer an afterthought in the fashion world. It’s a rapidly growing market that is going to be truly exciting to watch.

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Opening Image: Style du Monde

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