The Love Island Fashion Trend You'll Actually Wear This Summer

Thanks to literally everyone watching Love Island this year (your nan, Stormzy, probably your dog, too), it'll come as no surprise that the show has become a hot topic in the Who What Wear offices (we might even have a dedicated Slack channel).

While we have lots of opinions on which couple is the best (note to ITV producers: Chris and Kem should be an option), some recent discussion has revolved about the style choices being made in the house. Clearly, we're not the only ones—global fashion search platform Lyst just informed us of which Island cast member has the most influence when it comes to other girls' wardrobes. Montana comes in at the top, with Amber and Georgia in places four and six respectively.

It's no surprise then that Montana has been leading the charge with one trend we will be taking from the show this summer: jewellery by the pool, and more specifically, chokers. No offence re: the excess of thong swimsuits, but they are for the brave, and this simple jewellery trend is for anyone. Amber, Georgia and Gabby have also rarely been spotted without theirs—perhaps you aren't even allowed onto the island without packing one.

Whether they're playing a game, lounging in the sun or going out for the evening, this is their number one accessory and a host of A-list celebs agree. Want proof? Keep scrolling for our evidence that the choker is the biggest Love Island trend this year, and shop our favourites right now.