Love or Hate: What Do YOU Think About Kim Kardashian?

In case you've been living under a rock (nay, a mountain!) this week, Kim Kardashian is everywhere. Not only is she everywhere, but also she's naked! The reality star, style muse, and incredibly polarising celebrity posed naked for Paper magazine, and people just can't stop talking about it—including us.

Well, we at Who What Wear pride ourselves on two big factors: self-awareness and our dedication to our readers. We love hearing feedback from you, dear reader, and we're fully aware that you are the only reason we write stories, put on photo shoots, and (yes) post about Kim Kardashian to begin with. So we want to know: What do you really think about Kim Kardsahian?

Do you love her? Hate her? Are you somewhere in the middle? Are you flat-out tired of hearing her name? We want your uncensored, completely honest, and straightforward opinion. 

So tell us in the comments below: What do YOU think about Kim Kardashian? Leave no holes barred.

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