How Well Do You Know Love Actually? 14 Crazy Facts You Never Knew

It's officially Christmas Day, which means at least one thing: It's time to bust out that gem of a movie called Love Actually (if you haven't already done so.) The 2003 cinematic journey, which some might call an ensemble cast masterpiece, has earned a much-loved place in the hearts of many a woman (and man), and it is generally associated with what are scientifically referred to as "warm fuzzies."

From Hugh Grant's now-iconic dance around his new home as Prime Minister, to Billy Bob Thornton's creepy turn as the President of the United States, the movie has a lot of unforgettable moments. But there are also a ton of behind-the-scenes facts that are just as interesting, fun, and downright wacky.

Keep scrolling to learn 17 fun facts you didn't know about Love Actually! You're welcome.