The Inspiring Motivation Behind Louise Roe's Debut Style Guide

When it comes to books about personal style, one might assume that there's only so much depth that can be found in the topic. But we recently learned from style maven, TV host, and new author Louise Roe that this assumption is quite off the mark.

At the Los Angeles release party for Front Roe: How to Be the Leading Lady in Your Own Life, Roe told us that the book really isn't about style at all, but the role style plays in helping women build their own sense of self-confidence.

"The book is, at heart, about confidence and women helping each other and themselves to pursue their goals," Roe told us. "I think that's the overarching theme. More important than any style advice is that."

To that end, Roe filled the book, which she calls the number one ambition of her entire career, with tidbits of wisdom she's learned along the way—style advice that reaches beyond the closet and can have a real impact on your life.

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