L.A. and London Style Are Poles Apart, But All Cool Girls Will Wear These Trends

Louise Roe

You'll undoubtedly recognise Louise Roe's beaming smile and impeccable fashion sense from the many times she's graced your screens as a TV host and red carpet reporter. Like a true "slash" generational, British-born, L.A.-based Louise started her fashion adventures as the news editor for Vogue.com and has since then written for countless high-profile publications. As well as penning her book on personal style (respectively named Front Roe), she also tends to her popular eponymous website, where she shares fashion, lifestyle, wedding and beauty advice galore. She'll be back every month on Who What Wear UK to offer you some very important style guidance.

I'm English, but I've lived in the U.S. for nearly 10 years. I truly consider both L.A. and London my homes, and from a style perspective, I've come to know and love the fashion landscapes of both places... and I can confirm they are poles apart! I think one of the most common questions I get asked during interviews is "What is the difference between L.A. and London style?" There are so many stereotypes that exist on each side of the pond—such as American style being flashy and tacky or British style being traditional and stuffy. But in reality, both the U.S. and UK are more influenced by each other than we realise. And despite the difference in climate, there are so many new trends to share this autumn that will work in both cities.


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Personally, I think that we have so much inspiration to gain from each other. There's an edgy, low-key sophistication to British fashion that I love: tailoring, messy hair, smudged makeup, cropped flares and generally letting your style speak for itself. In America—certainly in L.A., which doesn't represent the rest of the States!—I've noticed that people fall into two extremes: beach casual or highly styled. I enjoy the fact that you can wear denim shorts, a white tee and vintage shades to pretty much any event. Conversely, it's not unusual to see girls go out to dinner in super-strappy Aquazzuras, high-waisted leather trousers (I nearly wrote "pants"—perhaps I have been here too long after all!) and a crop top. Boobs are pushed up here instead of sitting in lace camisoles like they do in Europe. Lips in L.A. are lined and glossed (the bigger the better), whereas in London, I'm seeing more girls apply a quick red stain with their finger—matte and imperfect.

Perhaps it's easier envisioned if you look at some of the leading models and fashion icons in each place. The Hadid sisters and the Jenner sisters have, for example, a totally different aesthetic compared to Alexa Chung and Suki Waterhouse. They might wear the same trends (or even the same dress), but they will usually style it in a completely different way. Of course, these are big generalisations and in no way sum up the entire two nations. They are, however, my observations having spent so much time in the both the U.S. and UK fashion industries. That said, here are some of my favourite autumn trends that both British and American girls love.

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