Will Louis Vuitton Make Band-Aids Chic?

Although much has been made already of Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2016 show in our favourite vacation spot of Palm Springs, it seems that one epic detail went unnoticed by the masses. It turns out that there were Louis Vuitton–branded bandages decorating the models' dainty figures, as was discovered by none other than ruthless fashion investigator Julie Zerbo of The Fashion Law.

It’s safe to say that this direction, under Nicolas Ghesquière, is a new one for the brand—though we appreciate that his love for all things quirky equals that of the previous creative director, Marc Jacobs. As for whether or not they’ll be on sale to the public, only time will tell—but we’ve got our fingers crossed! We’re calling it now: If manufactured for sale, Louis Vuitton Band-Aids will be THE coolest in-the-know items of 2016.

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So, would you invest in a Louis Vuitton bandage? Sound off in the comments!

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