This Is a Big Promise, but These 7 Outfits Will Never Fail You in Life

Outfit inspiration is something we look for every day, whether it’s scrolling through Instagram, searching on Pinterest or Googling our style crushes (Christine Centenera for Lou, Veronika Heilbrunner for Em). No matter how many clothes you might have hanging in your wardrobe, making them into outfits can be a problem at this time of the year. This is why we tend to stick to a style uniform, but that would be boring every day, right?

Spring is our favourite season for dressing despite the fact that the weather is a little all over the place. We hate covering up a cool outfit with a heavy winter coat, and who dresses well during a heat wave in the UK? Our fashion sense goes straight out the window when that freakish forecast occurs. In spring, you can push your style boundaries, and have fun with prints and colour every day of the week. We came up with seven easy formulas that you can replicate to give you a full weeks' worth of looks right now—and you'll undoubtedly be able to wear plenty of what you already own.

Keep reading to see and shop from our week of outfit ideas.

Day 1


Vicki Adamson/Courtesy of A Style Album

Key Item: The denim jacket

The Look: You may as well ease yourself in on a Monday, choosing a mixture of staples and something more exciting, like a denim jacket with a bold, printed dress. The blue of a jean jacket can always neutralise even the wildest pattern.

On Lou: & Other Stories Denim Jacket (£65); Dodo Bar Or Patti Blouse (£360) and Milo Skirt (£308); Gianvito Rossi Vamp 105 Boots (£560).

Day 2


Vicki Adamson/Courtesy of A Style Album

Key Item: A bright trouser suit

The Look: It's Tuesday, and time to be a little more daring. Suits are a great and surprisingly easy outfit option—especially if you work somewhere with a smart dress code. We’ve been teaming them with trainers to play on the smart-casual vibe. Ditch the dark winter hues, and go for something punchy.

On Em: Zara Double Breasted Jacket (£70), trousers and Slogan Tee (£10); Saint Laurent sneakers.

Day 3


Vicki Adamson/Courtesy of A Style Album

Key Item: Pyjama co-ords

The Look: Hump day requires some sort of chic comfort. Cue the luxe PJ suit. You’ll get multiple outfits out of one of these sets, but they are particularly good for flinging on with some more polished accessories for a downtime look. Simply add heels and jewellery when you're scheduled for a soirée.

On Em: J.Crew Darwish Shirt (£130) and Quilina Pants (£120); Gucci Princetown Slipper (£450); Chanel bag.

Day 4


Vicki Adamson/Courtesy of A Style Album

Key Item: Khaki—but not as you know it

The Look: We've all come to rely on khaki chinos again, and everyone loves a cargo jacket, but what if you've got one of those Thursdays packed with meetings and after-work dos? The smart khaki skirt has your back.

On Lou: Blazé Milano Cool and Easy Blazer (£1020); Balmain Button-Detail Skirt (£675); Re/Done x Hanes 1960s T-Shirt (£78); Gianvito Rossi Vamp 105 Boots (£560).

Day 5


Vicki Adamson/Courtesy of A Style Album

Key Item: A ditsy floral dress

The Look: One of Em’s favourite formulas (thanks to Veronika Heilbruner—see her and some other German fashion girls in action). It’s great to step away from jeans once in a while, and teaming trainers with a floral dress keeps the look from looking too twee and girly. The perfect getup, any day of the week—especially on a dress-down Friday.

On Em: Coach Icon Moto Jacket (£995); Sandro Floral Dress (£290); Saint Laurent sneakers.

Day 6


Vicki Adamson/Courtesy of A Style Album

Key Item: The statement skirt

The Look: While you might feel too daring wearing such a bold piece to work, the weekend is the time to unleash your most exciting looks. Tone down super-bright colours and patterns with a denim shirt, and add heels for an alternative cocktails-with-the-girls outfit.

On Em: & Other Stories Summer Fiesta Skirt (£55); Mango Asymmetric Stilettos (£36).

Day 7


Vicki Adamson/Courtesy of A Style Album

Key Item: The logo tee

The Look: We've already told you about our love for graphic and slogan tees—and they're still a wardrobe staple for us. Switch up the look slightly by teaming with smart tailored trousers. Sunday lunch, here we come.

On Lou: Anine Bing Hey Sunshine T-Shirt (£99); & Other Stories Tapered Trousers (£45); Common Projects Original Achilles Sneakers (£290); Vanessa Arizaga bracelets.

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