6 Pieces That Have Changed Our Wardrobes for the Better

Every now and then, you make a purchase that changes the way you look at the rest of your wardrobe, an item that seamlessly pulls together the bits you’ve discarded, forgotten or simply have struggled to make work. We’re not talking about the classics that make up a uniform, but the more unexpected heroes: we call these our fashion game changers.

Both of us have bought a few things recently that have acted as major game changers for our wardrobes. As we get older, we make more considered fashion choices—we try to think about cost per wear, and as much as we love the high street, we’re not about disposable fast fashion. We like to invest in pieces that work hard for us—but we’re learning that this can still result in exciting additions to our existing closets.

Thinking about whether something truly is a game changer or not can help you make sure you’re making the right choice before parting with some cash. Questions we ask ourselves would be…

1. Tick off three places or situation you’d wear it to.

2. Think of three things you’d pair it with.

3. Select three different outfit combinations.

If you can do all of the above, you’ve got yourself a winner, and it’s worth making an investment. Keep reading to see and shop the recent purchases we’ve made that are true fashion game changers for us.