We Can't Wait Another Day to Wear These Autumn Pieces


Courtesy of Lou and Em

It’s been the hottest summer on record, and our wardrobes are starting to suffer. We’ve exhausted every floral dress we own (a lot), worn in our sandals and even brought out the kind of super-beachy pieces usually delegated to our “strictly holiday” wardrobe. And we have to admit we’re missing our usual clothes. Yes, we love the sun, but this heat is making our closets work harder than ever before. The pieces we usually live in all year around—trainers, loafers, leather jackets, blazers, jeans and more—have all been neglected for the past few months in favour of wearing as little clothing as possible while still trying to keep our dignity intact on the Central Line.

While on vacation last week we started reminiscing (yes, it’s that bad) about our pre–heat wave wardrobe and talking about the pieces we can’t wait to wear again. We know we’ll miss it when it’s gone, but if there’s one bonus about normal temperatures resuming in the UK, it’s the use of our favourite clothes again. Keep reading to see which autumn items we’re desperate to wear again.