5 Super-Cute Outfit Ideas for the Long Weekend Ahead

It's only Monday, but if you're anything like us, you're already lost in fantasies about your long weekend ahead. The Fourth of July is Saturday, so hopefully (!) you at least have Friday as a nice little day off, and we're going to go ahead and assume you have some fabulous plans lined up. (Though a lack of plans sounds pretty nice right now too!)

It might seem a bit premature, but we're already planning our outfits for the weekend ahead. We already gave you a rundown of some chic and patriotic looks you can try for the holiday, but we also fully realise you probably don't want to be running around all weekend in stars and stripes. To that end, we did a quick browse and found five really cute outfits that are sure to be appropriate for many an occasion.

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What are you looking forward to wearing this weekend? Tell us below!