What London Girls Are Buying From Zara

We seldom leave Zara empty-handed. In fact, every time we've crossed its threshold lately (be it of the digital or brick-and-mortar variety), we've seen so many excellent pieces that we've actively had to refrain from getting carried away with our debit cards.

Often, our Zara urges end in true long-lasting fashion success—I have many things from the Spanish megastore that I've leaned on time and again over the years. But we all know the allure of everyone's favourite shop can make the most sensible girl go a little bit giddy and purchase something completely useless, a habit we're keen to put a stop to.

So to help us compile the perfect Zara wish list full of worthwhile items, we turned to some of our favourite London-based influencers who told us exactly what they plan on buying from the brand this season. From Jessica Skye's current shoe obsession and Emma Hill's sustainable fix to the dress that Eni just can't get enough of, keep scrolling to see the Zara edit created by some of the capital's best-dressed women.

Emma Hill
London Zara Shopping Picks: Emma Hill wears a Zara blazer.



"I'm making an active effort to buy more sustainable pieces, and Zara's Join Life collection has made this so much easier. Using less water, less energy and with a focus on fair production, it's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned."

Natasha Ndlovu
London Zara Shopping Picks: Natasha Ndlovu wears a pair of Zara shoes.



"Although the vast majority of my wardrobe consists of a pared-back palette, there's something about Zara's new lilac dress that I just can't resist. The colour is perfect for when you have a summer tan, and it works well for a beach club with flat sandals. I also plan on wearing it with a pair of gold heels for a night out in the city."

Jessica Skye
London Zara Shopping Picks: Jessica in a pair of Zara heels



"When it comes to sandals, Zara has been ahead of the game since day one. It kick-started the slim-strap sandal trend last summer with its olive-green pair, which was then followed by the classic black and chic white versions. For spring/summer 2019, Zara has debuted some more daring colours. The vibrant orange pair has sure got my juices flowing."

Eni of Eni's Wardrobe
London Zara Shopping Picks: Eni in a Zara blazer and shorts



"I'm a huge fan of slip dresses, and I love that Zara has so many new styles to choose from. They're all so elegant and give my wardrobe an instant pop of colour. In my opinion, Zara has really stepped up its game when it comes to dresses lately."

Rikke Krefting
London Zara Shopping Picks: Rikke in a pair of Zara linen trousers



"Zara is my go-to for everything. This season, it's the brand's oversized suits—especially those made from linen—that have caught my eye. Zara's amazing at making fashionable clothing affordable."

Lorna of Symphony of Silk
London Zara Shopping Picks: Lorna in a Zara blazer



"Many of my wardrobe staples come from Zara, and right now I'm considering investing in the pink slip skirt. The price is incredible, and I'll be able to dress it up or down with a simple shoe change."

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated. 

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