People In London Are Wearing These 9 Simple Items Nonstop This Season

Despite its often unpredictable weather, there's nothing I love more than a summer spent in London. The streets are abuzz with people, as are the parks, and any given outing becomes a chance to showcase your style and a great outfit. As someone who lived in the capital for a decade before moving to Scotland, I implore you, do not take a London summer for granted—there are dresses I haven't been able to wear since I relocated (it really is that much cooler here!). 

This year, however, I've spend more time in London again, and to make my outfit choices more succinct and carry-on-suitcase-friendly, I decided to take a closer look a what those in capital are currently wearing. Cue a London summer capsule wardrobe.

I've consulted the feeds of some of the city's most stylish inhabitants to determine what to wear when I'm next in town and, unwittingly, I've assembled a simple nine-piece, London-inspired edit in the process. So, whether you're visiting as I am or you're fortunate enough to reside there, below you'll find a capsule wardrobe to see you through the next couple of months in London. 

1. Wide-Leg Trousers

Style Notes: Wide-leg trousers have been at the top of the style agenda for the past few seasons, but their appeal isn't waining in London. Easy to pull on and go in, I see so many fashion types pairing theirs with simple vest tops and slider sandals. 

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Our editors really rate COS tailoring. 

These also come in an equally versatile chocolate-brown hue. 

2. Toe-Detail Sandals

Style Notes: Sandal season is officially upon us, and although London women always fall back on simple styles, for 2023, I'm seeing more and more people gravitating towards sandals with toe-post details, be it a metallic ring or a pretty-looking stone. 

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Emme Parsons's sandals have been a hit this summer. 

3. Striped Shirt

Style Notes: Oxford shirts have always been commonplace in the banking district, but blue-and-white stripe shirts are infiltrating the wardrobes of fashion people, too. Worn with the aforementioned wide-leg trousers, relaxed layers such as this are becoming a style signature in London. 

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You can't beat H&M's pricing. 

4. Silk Slip

London Summer Capsule Wardrobe: @emwells wears a slip dress



Style Notes: Following the simple theme of my edit, I was keen to hone in on a versatile dress staple London women wear from day to night. Although there were a few contenders—black sundresses and white linen were up there—most prevalent of them all was the elevated slip. Never clingy, London women gravitate towards ever-so-slightly looser silhouettes. 

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This shade of avocado green has been so popular this season. 

5. Waistcoat-and-Shorts Set

Style Notes: The waistcoat trend was first embraced by the London-based style set, and they still remain very loyal to it. For 2023, I'm seeing more shorts-and-waistcoat co-ords coming through than ever before. 

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Zara is owning 2023's waistcoat trend. 

I'll wear these with sheer tights and loafers when the weather dips. 

6. Braided Leather Bag

Style Notes: I'm a huge basket bag fan, but I'm finding that London women are opting for braided leather styles more than their straw counterparts this season. Who can blame them when they look this polished? 

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Everyone's carrying Dragon Diffusion bags at the moment. 

A robust style you'll carry you from working week to weekend. 

7. Maxi Column Skirt

London Summer Capsule Wardrobe: @monikh wears a maxi column skirt



Style Notes: 2023 is the year of the skirt, with maxi hemlines proving just as popular off the runway as they were on it. Although there are plenty of A-line options out there, to achieve that simple aesthetic London women have near perfected, opt for a sleek column cut. 

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8. Silver Jewellery

London Summer Capsule Wardrobe: @smythsisters wears a silver ring



Style Notes: One of the biggest shifts in the jewellery world this season has been the surge in the popularity of silver, which Londoners are embracing in the form of sculptural rings, chunky hoops and chain necklaces. 

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9. Something Yellow

Style Notes: When it comes to quiet luxury, the colour that defines the aesthetic has to be buttermilk yellow; a delicate shade that looks so expensive no matter how much the garment in question cost you. It was a key trend I spotted worn by guests at the coronation, one that seems to be trickling down into the everyday London wardrobe, too. 

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The satin fabrication means this shirt works day or night. 

If you're looking for a standout wedding guest outfit, this suit is an excellent starting point.