I Just Asked All My London Stylist Friends What They're Buying for Spring

Stylists and journalists get to preview collections long before they hit the stores, but out of those two fashion contingents, it's often the former who frequently get up close and personal, trialling clothes and accessories IRL. Stylists are constantly calling in samples for shoots, repeatedly seeing items in the flesh and editing through the very best of the best, with rails chock-full of items from high-fashion brands such as Chanel and Dior all the way through to the latest drops from ASOS and Topshop. Every day is a fashion banquet, and these guys are the connoisseurs.

Having such privileged access means one key thing: You end up being really fussy about what makes it into your own wardrobe. Few items match up to the sumptuous leather of a Bottega Veneta bag or a perfect Prada dress, but that doesn't mean everyone who works in fashion can afford such luxuries on the regular. Being in contact with literally every brand under the sun means stylists know what's cool and up-and-coming as well as what can stand the test of time. The items that do pass all the rigorous tests to make it into their closets mean something. Therefore, what these ladies are planning to invest in for 2019 can inform and improve your lists too.

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