How to Dress Like a Londoner, According to the Capital's Fashion Experts

Today is the first day of London Fashion Week, and so over the next five days, we will see the best of British style on (and off) the catwalk. Of course, there is no precise definition of "London style," as what is so celebrated about fashion in this city is that anything goes—there is no set uniform. There are, however, a number of styling mantras that Londoners swear by when getting dressed each morning.

We turned to some of the capital's most stylish editors from Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, InStyle and more for tips on how to re-create the Brit look—and the pieces that are at the top of their shopping lists now. Frankie Graddon, fashion and beauty editor of the Pool, thinks the secret is to mix high-end and high-street pieces. Meanwhile, Who What Wear UK's editorial director, Hannah Almassi, says that the most stylish Londoners will rely on the capital's emerging designers. Pandora Sykes, however, believes Londoners all have fun with their style and that you shouldn't be afraid of mixing prints and statement accessories.

Scroll below for five stylish fashion editors on how to get the London look.