8 Fashionable Londoners on the Outfits They're Wearing at Home

Since most of the world went into lockdown at the end of March, here at Who What Wear, we have done some serious investigation into the way chic women choose to dress when they're at home. We've asked Parisienne influencers about their at-home attire, queried Scandi girls on their casual wear and even received some expert advice from our favourite womenswear designers, like Rejina Pyo and the duo behind Rixo.  

We've spoken to women in various parts of the globe, though now we're turning our attention to our own backyard, asking a few of our favourite fashionable Londoners what they've been wearing throughout social distancing. From denim to dresses, sleepwear to suiting, as you'll discover below, there's no one way to dress for lockdown. It's all about finding what works for you, keeps you happy and increases your productivity. Keep scrolling to see how eight influencers are dressing at home 

Lotte Williams
What London Girls Where At Home: ASOS Lotte



"Since the weather in London has been so glorious and sunny, I’ve been spending most of my days in bikinis and oversize shirts. It’s the perfect WFH look. No one can tell on video calls, and as soon as I’m able to take a lunch break, I can get some crucial sun time in! Turns out swanning 'round the house in just swimwear and a cover-up will also make you feel like you’re on holiday."

Lizzy Hadfield
What London Girls Where At Home: Lizzy Hadfield



"I spend my days in cotton shorts (with an elasticated waistband to ensure maximum comfort), one of my favourite knits and a pair of slides. I find wearing shoes at home makes me more productive, especially when working from home, and I am a huge fan of transitional dressing, so the shorts-and-knitwear combination is always one I like to make the most of in the months where we can!" 

Zeena Shah
What London Girls Where At Home: Zeena Shah



"I'm one of those people who need no excuse to get dressed up, and I have been continuing to wear all of my colourful and printed dresses throughout lockdown. It's been an excuse to dig out some gems from the back of the wardrobe and dress to make me happy! Getting dressed has always brought so much joy, as it's an extension of me and my creativity. I've also had some lovely compliments from neighbours and locals in the supermarket queue!" 

Ama Godson
What London Girls Where At Home: Ama Godson



"I liked staying productive whilst I was staying at home social distancing, so dressing for work during the day with blazers and smart casual wear was so key for me to break up the day. Otherwise, I would find myself lounging on the sofa all day watching Netflix and snacking! So this was a typical look for me—a shirt and blazer or blazer dress—whilst at home social distancing in order for me to stay away from the sofa and stay focused and productive during the days."

Emma Hoareau
What London Girls Where At Home: Emma Hoareau



"During lockdown, I was conscious of supporting smaller brands so made an order with one of my favourites, Paloma Wool, for this duo-toned denim two-piece. It's an incredible Spanish brand that focuses on art and creativity and always produces beautiful, small batches of designs.

"Denim for lockdown, you ask? Well, yes. It actually makes me feel so much more put-together working at my desk, and I really like the notion of changing into comfier clothes when my workday is 'over' so that I can more easily have a work-life balance." 

Nicole Ocran
London Influencer At Home Outfits: Nicole Ocran



"During lockdown, I've always made it a point to get showered and dressed every day—or at least every other day! It just puts me in the right frame of mind to start the day. But I always want to feel comfortable, so floaty midi dresses have always been my go-to. Now that we're in summer, anything loose and breathable is an absolute must. But even in the earlier months at the start of lockdown, these were my favourite pieces to wear at home for comfort. Also, anything in a vibrant colour or a bold print is just an instant mood boost! I've always been drawn to colour, but even when staying in, there is something really joyful about getting up and starting the day with some brights!" 

Eni Ilori
What London Girls Where At Home: Eni Ilori



"During lockdown, I would say I have dressed as I usually would due to the fact that I wanted to have some sort of normalcy at home. I wore dresses, skirts, T-shirts paired with jeans and lots more. Wearing these items just made me feel a lot happier and ready for the day, even though we were indoors. I loved wearing this vest top paired with skirts and jeans. It made me feel fabulous and more put-together at this uncertain time."  

Rachael Clifton
What London Girls Where At Home: Rachael Clifton



"Comfort has been key for me whilst social distancing at home, and I’ve been wearing a lot of ‘luxe loungewear,’ namely these Sleeper feathered pj’s that are far too good to ever be worn for bed!" 

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