4 LFW Looks That Just Changed Everything

London Fashion Week was full of spirit: teen spirit, punk spirit, party spirit, the spirit of DIY culture and the vibrancy of the 1980s. Everything felt lifted: Colours are punchy and bright, prints are bold, dresses are made for going out out, shapes are loose and free to allow you more room for moving, living, layering. Every ensemble had been carefully constructed and then styled to provide 360-degree interest—making an eye-catching entrance or exit (as well as wearing pieces that automatically start conversations as soon as you do either) is now an important part of the fashion agenda. Almost every runway and every look came perfectly accessorised with an array of personality-building mismatched add-ons. Uniqueness—whether decidedly utilitarian and quiet, or brash and loud—is the S/S 17 trend game, and herein lie the tools to play it.

There were plenty of wild and wonderful ideas, but what will really change the way you dress? We call out the early wardrobe-shifting looks below. Keep reading to get the lowdown on London Fashion Week's top spring/summer 2017 trends