5 Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style in London

The history of London style is dotted with a roll call of fabulous it-girls—Kate, Naomi, AlexaSienna to name a few—who are so iconic that they need only be referred to by their first names. They're women who possess an intrinsic swagger that simply cannot be duplicated or manufactured and who look just as good in a white tee and jeans as they do in the latest hot-off-the-press designer gown. It's this ability to balance the old with the new which is at the heart of London's fashion scene—a mashup of decades, cultures, traditions and tastes blended into one glorious melting pot. 

As every fashion-lover worth her salt can attest to, there are certain pieces in every wardrobe that transcend seasonal trends, and the same can be said for a city like London. We might be an eclectic bunch, but there are motifs that crop up again and again in street style snaps and Instagram feeds. From '40s tea dresses to aristocratic heritage fabrics, these trends are all united by their ties to history, but in true London style, they're also pieces that are constantly innovated and updated by the cool girls of the capital. Scroll down to shop the looks.