9 New Outfit Ideas We've Already Spotted in London This January

We might only be eight days into 2019, however, thanks to London Collection: Mens, this week we have an insight into how stylish Londoners will be dressing this month. The men's shows always have a more relaxed feel than London Fashion Week, with a higher concentration of hoodies, trainers and beanie hats.

You won't spot many heels or dresses along the front row at the show space in Brick Lane. There were certainly some trends that emerged, from print clashing to leopard print jeans to focusing on the smaller details. Nine outfits, in particular, stood out for us and gave us an idea of what the "London look" will actually look like in 2019. They've either inspired small styling updates or a purchase to start off the New Year, so keep scrolling for our first new batch of street style images for 2019.