Alexa Chung's Chic Friend Is Officially Our New Instagram Obsession

Ever heard of Lola McDonnell? If you have, then it's likely you fall into the category of Avid Alexa Chung Instagram Stalker (guilty!), and you'll recognise Lola as one of the icon's inner circle. So what is it about McDonnell that we're so enamoured with? Well, for starters she's got that true Brit-girl thing down, but is lucky enough to also resemble Jane Birkin. Some people get all the genes. This charming combination mean she's rather adept at posing in front of a pub (pint in hand), all the while looking utterly relaxed in a simple leather jacket and Breton top. She is, unsurprisingly, a model and signed to the agency W/360.

To prove our point, we've narrowed down some choice style lessons pulled from her Instagram feed. We'd put some sure bets on her name going into the wider stratosphere soon (perhaps she'll join this list of 2017's new It girls?), so swot up on the fashion face now. Keep scrolling to see our guide to dressing like Lola McDonnell...

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