The Loincloth Bikini Trend I'm Terrified Is Taking Over

Colour me a little bit freaked out, but there seems to be a new swimwear trend popping up everywhere, which I'm not sure how to categorise except as "loincloth-esque." Ruched or smocked, this body-baring bikini bottom style seems to be the look of summer for a certain set of trendsetters. While I know it's a very specific look (one I'm still trying to decide if I can actually pull off), there's something weirdly intriguing about it.

loincloth bikini trend



Chalk it up to the ultra-high vintage-style rise or the fact that these suits redefine the idea of barely there tan lines, but I'm toying with the idea of trying one out. After careful consideration, I think the key is pairing your bikini of choice with basics: denim cutoffs, a T-shirt, and simple sandals because in this suit, there's no need for any other statement clothes. Since I know it's a bit of an intimidating style to try, below you'll find some of my favourite inspiration photos, along with suits for you to pick and choose from.

Inspiration: Statement-Making Color
neon loincloth bikini



Style this neon suit with simple pieces like denim and basics in black and white.

Consider this a minimalist's take on the trend.

Swap your standard string bikini for this one instead.

The floral and ruffle details on this suit make it feel unique and statement-making. Throw on a simple white cotton dress and you'll be good to go.

Smocking is a cool alternative to ruching.

Emily Ratajkowski's swimwear line is a summer favourite.

Inspiration: Simple and Subtle
A pretty bikini by she made me



From the back, it's possible to adjust the amount of coverage preferred, though some swimsuits are more minimal than others.

This velvety suit is great for lounging in the sun.

Yes, you can actually get in the water wearing this suit—here's proof (swimming might still be tricky though).

Add this classic style to your rotation.

A chain suit isn't for the faint of heart.

Meet the minimalist take on this swimwear trend. 

Now you're all set to tackle this unique bikini trend.

Opening Image: @jilla.tequila 

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