This Trending Candle Is All Over My Feed, and I Love It

It's safe to say our daily routines have changed over the last 12 months. Perhaps you find yourself waking up at a different hour than you did before or that you drop what you're doing at a specific time in your afternoon to take a walk. For us, lockdown has allowed us to indulge in more self-care than we did previously. (It's amazing what you can get done when an hour-long commute doesn't bookend your day.) And one of our favourite rituals is, undoubtedly, lighting a candle to signify the end of the workday. In doing so, we've become pretty adept at finding the best candles out there, and our latest wick fixation is Loewe's candles. 

Lucy Williams uses the Luscious Pea Candle to decorate her side table. 

You've probably seen Loewe candles sitting prettily in stylish spaces during Instagram scrolling sessions, but you'd be forgiven for not realising it. The candles, which come in three sizes, are housed in ribbed terracotta earthenware pots, with only a small Loewe logo embossed into the clay near the base. Each pot is painted a different on-trend hue depending on the scent, which means you can pick and choose which colour best suits your décor. While you mightn't necessarily think of Loewe as a homeware brand, the collection has proven to be a passion project for the brand's creative director Jonathan Anderson.

"Everything has been crafted in some way. The ceramic pots are based on a Greek mug that I bought several years ago in an auction. Although it's incredibly old, there's modernity in it," explains Anderson when talking through the candles' design concept.

Loewe Candles: @studio.arva



Studio Arva keeps the Liquorice Candle under a clear glass cloche. 

The olfactory creations feature some of nature's purest scents, helping us to reconnect with the outside world. Aroma highlights include honeysuckle, tomato leaf, oregano, cypress, and ivy—all of which feel transportive, evoking memories from past travels, and are designed to be burnt solo or layered with another scent from the range. While they're not the cheapest candles we've come across, they're one of the (if not the) chicest. Keep scrolling to see the Loewe candles we love.


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