These 4 Blogger-Approved Outfit Formulas Are Truly Versatile

Versatile dressing can be summed up in one fantastic word from the ultra-cool blogger Lizzy Hadfield of Shot From The Street: "smasual." She coined the term recently when exploring the concept of buying, styling and re-wearing the kind of pieces that every wardrobe should rely upon.

"It's smart/casual—minimal and classic," she says, offering some further insight into why she always looks so effortlessly polished. "It means being able to get up in the morning and throw an outfit together that you feel great in with little effort. Having the right pieces in your wardrobe makes this so easy to do, and you quickly find combinations you can always fall back on. These can also work as a foundation for creating new looks too."

The influencer, who has recently moved from Manchester to London, has long been on our list of go-to girls when we're seeking out the kind of combinations one can easily copy IRL. She's the one who makes jeans and a tee look oh so tempting and acts as the source we tap when deciding which sneakers to pair with that new floral dress. Basically, if anyone knows basics and the art of a truly versatile wardrobe, she does.

So we enlisted Lizzy to road-test the latest high-street offering that nails the capsule wardrobe like no other: Meet AND/OR, the laid-back, super-versatile collection from John Lewis that acts as your 24/7 closet rolled into one. See how Lizzy creates four fail-safe, flexible looks you can replicate depending on your diary.