This New Instagram Account Is the Best Place to Discover New Cult Zara Pieces

Zara has typically been a brand that has shied away from influencer marketing, however over the past 12 months it has been assembling a group of stylish women to showcase the best of the recent collections. It has launched a new Instagram account @livingzara, which every week sees a different fashion girl take over and highlight their favourite pieces from the current collection.

The account has only been running for 8 weeks, but it has already seem some of the biggest fashion names take to the feed, including Courtney of Always Judging, Monica Ainley and Stella von Senger. These aren't just casual iPhone snaps however, as these are high-production images that almost look like a luxury campaign, showing just how luxe a £40 organza blouse and a pair of £15 sunglasses can look. At first scroll, you will probably struggle to believe these are all Zara pieces. Living Zara has pointed us towards 9 cult pieces in particular, including a pink shirt, a feather-trimmed co-ord and an amazing bright red suit. Keep scrolling to see and shop these cult Zara pieces.

1. Organza Blouse

2. Feather-Trim Co-Ord:

3. Red Trouser Suit

4. Pink Shirt

5. White Strappy Sandals

6. Sunglasses

7. Blue Linen Suit

8. Green Spotty Dress

9. Neon Green Dress

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