I Have Tried Countless Dry Shampoos and This Is the Only One That Actually Works

My hair is seriously fine and poker-straight. The only hint of texture that my hair naturally possesses is as a result of years of bleach damage to the ends. Because of this, I am forever looking for ways to add some more life and texture to my limp strands. In fact, I’m desperate for some volume.

You see, I follow all of the expert advice and only wash my hair every other day, however its limp, greasy nature basically removes any chance of me being able to wear it down on my no-wash days. Somewhere around 20-24 hours after my hair has been washed, the roots start getting flatter, thinner areas of hair begin to part in peculiar ways and my long strands start feeling weighty. It makes sense, therefore, that I regularly find myself reaching for dry shampoo in a bid to tide my hair over until its next wash.

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And I have tried a whole bunch. In fact, I think I’ve tried most of the dry shampoos on offer, and I hate to say it but I have some real issues with the majority of them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them as products. I just have a problem with the fact they are called dry shampoos. I love the feeling of clean hair and loathe any sort of styling product that weighs my already lifeless lengths down. And, when I find myself reaching for dry shampoo on those dreaded no-wash days, I’m doing so because I want my hair to both look and feel clean. 

While so many dry shampoos are great at giving hair grit and texture, making it easier to style and more voluminous, very, very few do what they say on the tin—which is act as a shampoo. And when I say very few, I actually mean just one. Out of the countless dry shampoos that I have tried in my time, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day PhD Dry Shampoo (£18) is only one that actually makes my hair feel cleaner. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my other dry shampoos for their volumising abilities, I just think they should be given a different name.

The thing that makes Living Proof's dry shampoo so much better than the rest is (shock, horror) its patented technology. In a similar way to many other formulas, the spray dispenses a powder onto the hair which works to soak up excess oils, sweat and all of the nasty things that make hair feel a bit gross. The game-changing thing about this particular product though, is just how easy it is to remove those powders from the hair. 

The key to clean-hair success, I believe, is actually getting the nasties-filled powder out of your hair, which this stuff does wonderfully. Forget grey, powdery roots, a quick massage and a brush-through has any remnants of powder gone in a minute. And, because it falls out so easily, it doesn’t leave any unwanted weighty residue behind.

So if you’re fed up of dry shampoos failing to actually make your hair feel any cleaner at all, believe me when I say this is definitely the best one for the job. In fact, I rate it so highly that I have a collection of mini cans to keep in handbags and to take away on trips (maybe someday soon, right?) with me. Plus, if you’re fussy like me, the smaller sizes make for a great option if you want to give it a go before you invest in a larger can. And, if after all of this you’re left wondering how on earth anyone could feel so passionately about dry shampoo at all, you’ve clearly never tried this stuff.

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