I Swear By This Pore-Blurring Product for Great-Looking Skin

Pores. They are one of the biggest skincare concerns for many of us. They're usually determined by genetics and your skin type, and while many brands and products might make the miraculous promise of making pores disappear, I'm here to tell you that that magic product just doesn't exist. While we cannot make our skin "poreless" (pores actually play an important role in keeping our skin healthy, so you wouldn't want to be totally rid of them), there are ways to minimise them. Good skincare ingredients and in-clinic treatments such as micro-needling can help improve the look of enlarged pores, but there is no overnight solution. However, some makeup trickery can temporarily smooth over pores for a more even appearance.

BEFORE: Wearing foundation before using the Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Luminescent Base

I'm not usually a fan of pore-blurring primers. The several I've tried tend to have the same problems: They're thick and clog up my pores, which doesn't help my acne-prone skin, so they're not usually worth the temporary pore blurring they deliver. For that reason, I put pore primers on the back burner for a long time. That was, however, until I tried Lisa Franklin's Pro-Effect Luminescent Base, and it changed everything.

Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Luminescent Base

This pore-blurring primer has a silky texture that gives a soft-focus effect to the skin.

I was introduced to this product after visiting Lisa Franklin's clinic in Chelsea, London, where many high-profile clients flock to have bespoke facial treatments. Models Jourdan Dunn and Daisy Lowe are fans, and in the line of Lisa Franklin's products, this is one of the hero products, so naturally, I needed to get my hands on it. 

It has a silicone texture that's typical of pore-blurring primers, but it's so much more than that.

AFTER: After using the Pro-Effect Luminescent Base

When I use this primer, it gives my skin a soft-focus kind of effect—the kind that only a photographer's filter could subtly provide. It glides onto the skin and smoothes over pores to leave the texture of your skin looking like butter. Not only that, but it helps to prevent my foundation from settling into my pores, and it even helps it stay put for longer. In fact, a makeup artist told me that silicone primers are the best type to help your makeup last longer. Our editor in chief also finds it to be a really great daily option as a lightweight moisturiser—she hates anything that's too heavy or fussy, and Lisa's pared-back but super-effective formulas are perfect for sensitive skin.

This primer uses some really interesting ingredients. It contains diamond powder, which helps to reflect light (a process called photoluminescence, giving the product its name). In practice, it means that your skin looks radiant and glowing, even when its worn on its own. It also contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and a whole roster of skin-loving ingredients, which really makes this priming base a skincare product, too. It's become a permanent staple in my makeup bag, and I've also been trying out some of Lisa Franklin's skincare products—more on that below.

The Best Lisa Franklin Skincare Products

Lisa Franklin No.4 Calm + Heal Serum 

My skin is temperamental and can be prone to sensitivity and eczema, so I had to put this calming and healing serum to the test. It's designed for rosacea and is ultra soothing on the skin. It has a comforting oil consistency that melts into the skin to reduce redness and irritation. I've been using this for the past week on my irritated skin, and it's already much more resilient—especially as the weather is getting colder. Consider this a protective winter coat for your skin.

A cocktail of skin-nourishing oils makes this serum ideal for irritated or sensitive skin types.

Lisa Franklin Rose Quartz Purifying Clay Mask

Rose quartz is a prime ingredient in Lisa Franklin's skincare. In fact, you'll spot many crystals dotted around her clinic. I've been using this mask on the areas of my skin that are prone to congestion (my shin, nose and cheeks), and it's really helped to balance my skin's oil production and prevent new blemishes from appearing.

This clay-based mask helps to mop up excess sebum and leave the skin comfortably matte.

Lisa Franklin 7-Acid Complex Resurfacing Solution

This is Lisa Franklin's latest product launch, and it's inspired by the legendary facial peels offered in her clinic. It uses seven acids, which help to nibble away at dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and more even-toned complexion. It's potent, so you only need to leave it on the skin for five to 10 minutes once a week, but you'll be left with a post-facial kind of glow.

If dullness or pigmentation are concerns, then this acid treatment will help unveil a radiant complexion.

Lisa Franklin No.1 Repair + Protect  Vitamin C Serum

A vitamin C serum is an essential in any skincare routine to help encourage collagen production and defend the skin against environmental damage.

Lisa Franklin Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Facial massage helps to boost the skin's blood circulation and lymphatic system. Use this gua sha a couple of times a week (with a facial oil to give the skin some slip) to help release tension and carve out cheekbones.

Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Anti-Pollution Cleanser

A good cleanser is a staple in any skincare routine. Lisa Franklin's cleverly addresses the effects of pollution—ideal if you live in a city.

Lisa Franklin Sol-Protect Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30

Wearing SPF every day is one of the (if not the) best thing you can do to protect your skin against the sun's harmful UV rays but also to prevent premature ageing. This formula is so nourishing on the skin.