5 Lingerie Trends That We Keep Noticing On Instagram

As we've grown older, we've come to realise just how important it is to get the foundations of our outfits right. Which is why we place more emphasis on our underwear than ever before. With the correct undergarments, you can enhance whatever you choose to layer over top. Get your smalls wrong, however, and it can be to the detriment of your overall attire. 

That's not to say that you can't have a bit go fun when it comes to curating your lingerie drawer. We're of the belief that every woman should have an equal mix of practical and pretty pants to choose from. The same goes for bras. Naturally, you need comfortable T-shirt styles for day to day wear, but some occasions will call for something a little fancier. 

Fortunately enough, 2019's top lingerie trends consist of both the functional and fanciful variety. Out of all the underwear on offer, there are five main trends that have caught our attention, all of which we recommend treating yourself to. From clashing colours to the knickers making thongs obsolete, keep scrolling to see and shop our favourite lingerie trends of 2019. 

White Cotton

Simple it may be, but white cotton underwear is having a major moment. Trust us—you've never felt comfort quote like a soft-cup bra in this breathable fabric. As for pants, they make for the perfect demure cover-up for wearing underneath minidresses and skirts. 

Kick-started by Love Stories Intimates, bright lingerie with clashing colours will make a playful addition to any underwear collection. Try wearing a contrast-panel bra underneath an oversized cardigan, leaving the top few buttons undone so you see a subtle flash of colour emerging from underneath. 

Exposed Seams

Lingerie Trends 2019: Exposed seams are cropping up on bras across every brand



During our extensive underwear research, we uncovered an emerging micro-trend: exposed seams. Instead of trying to disguise underwires or unusual pattern cuts, brands are instead making a feature of their intricate seam work. Look for stitching across the cup or around the entirety of the supportive wire. 

Lingerie Trends 2019: Satin briefs are proving more popular than skimpy thongs this year



You heard it here first: Thongs are out, and instead, satin knickers are back in a big way. Be it French, Brazilian or Bloomer, pants have been given the luxury treatment in the slinkiest fabric going in gorgeous jewel tones. Indeed, you'll be forgiven for wanting to show them off at every given opportunity. 

Longline Bras

Lingerie Trends 2019: Longline bras are a hit on Instagram this year



While triangle bras are still proving popular, longline silhouettes are also high on the lingerie agenda at the moment. In many instances, they offer more support to fuller busts, while soft-cup styles will look particularly pretty layered under wrap blouses and cashmere cardigans. 

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated. 

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