5 Trends to Add to Your Underwear Drawer in 2019

The older I get, the more I realise how important it is to get the foundations of your outfit right first. I’m a stylist, and I always include a pair of Marks & Spencer seam-free nude briefs in my styling kit bag. I believe they’re the most practical panties out there, but admittedly, they aren’t the prettiest. They’re supportive and comfortable, but a little boring, so this year I’m prepared to dive right into the new underwear trends. Keep scrolling for the trends to add to your undie drawer next year.

Style Notes: Lucy Williams is already on board with nude panties in her Handro briefs.

1. Simple Underwear

Underwear can often be embellished or patterned, but next year, there’s going to be a rise in the “naked” underwear look with tonal nude pants. This trend sees a return to basics with body-contouring bras and seam-free pants.

2. Velvet

Velvet has made a huge comeback in our wardrobes (and interiors) recently, so it’s no surprise it’s going to make it’s way into our undie drawers for 2019. Plush velvet and velour lingerie are set to be huge next year, and it’s mainly thanks to how luxurious it feels against your skin. Either opt for demure, subtle dusty pinks and grey, or go rich and intense with emerald greens and peacock blue.

3. Extra Delicate

This trend is the complete opposite of the first we mentioned, as it’s all about delicate lace, bows and a candy-coloured palette.

4. Sheer 

Allover sheer isn’t a new trend, but it’s one you can’t go wrong with. It’s sensual in a minimal way, and is both practical and elegant. The shapes aren’t too revealing, with comfort-first everyday bras and briefs with full coverage.

5. Boho

This is a trend that will become more and more popular as we move into spring. With it comes earthy tones, festival-inspired prints, embroidery, ribbons and beading. It has a really playful feel to it and looks so good you can even wear one of these bralettes with a pair of denim cutoffs and shirt with a few buttons missed. 

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