The Only Lingerie Trends to Pay Attention to in 2018

Let’s face it: We spend so much time putting our everyday outfits together and reading up and shopping the latest fashion trends that lingerie rarely gets a look in. When you’re pushed for time in a morning and already late to the office, those final five minutes before you rush out the door are normally (and naturally) dedicated to what shoes or earrings to pair your outfit with. Underwear is an afterthought.

But that shouldn’t be the case. Just like with every other garment or accessory we wear, there are trends worth paying attention to. After all, as satisfying as it is to know that you’re killing it in the accessories department, isn’t it even more satisfying to secretly know that your underwear is just as on point?

We rounded up the best of the lingerie trends of 2018 for your (and your underwear drawer’s) pleasure.