This Might Just Be the Chicest Thing to Wear This Summer

My mum is very opinionated about fashion when it suits her. She's taught me that, if in doubt, always buy the size up; that you're never going to get the proper wear out of a hat; and that the perfect-fitting pair of jeans should be a little bit difficult to get on. And you know what? She's almost always right. The thing we can't agree on? Linen

Linen Skirts for Summer: @monikh



"Linen might look nice," she says, "but it's more hassle than it's worth." Again, she's not entirely wrong. Linen does have something of a bad rep; there's a lot of ironing involved and, if it isn't washed with care, it can lose some of its colour. But I think these inconveniences are a small price to pay as, ultimately, I believe linen can look so incredibly chic.

Right now, linen seems to be the industry's favourite fabric. Most commonly found in shirt form, linen is also dominating the dress, top, short, and trouser categories of our favourite fashion websites this season. And there's one way those in the know prefer to wear their linen: by way of a skirt. 

Linen Skirts for Summer: @femmeblk



From Monikh in Prada to Lydia in Zara, linen skirts are all the rage at the moment—when they look this sleek, we completely understand why. Yes, they'll provably crease as soon as you sit in them, but it's nothing a quick steam can't fix. Worn with something as simple as a plain T-shirt, vest top, or, for double appeal, a linen shirt, if you want to achieve a covetable, effortlessly stylish look, a linen skirt is the answer.

There are so many impressive linen skirts for summer, but we've done the hard work for you, rounding up the best of the best. Scroll below to see them.


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