Every Outfit I Love This Summer Has One Thing in Common

For some reason, linen has never really been a fabric that I've warmed to. I think it's due to my reluctance to buy clothing that is so obviously restricted to the summer months which, in UK terms, usually means a period of about eight weeks. I'd much rather buy something I can justifiably wear all year round. Historically, I have also never been someone who feels comfortable in that "bohemian beach-dweller" vibe that so often dominates summer collections.

But this season, due to my new WFH context and the unseasonably glorious weather we've been experiencing, I have conceded that actually linen might be just what I need right now, and the more I browsed 2020's offering, the more I found my attitude changing. Far from the free-flowing frocks that previously defined the trend, now linen comes in a wider range of styles, including sharp short suits and clean-lined tailored trousers. 

Comfy, cool and undeniably chic, linen is setting itself up to be the fabric of the summer, and when a timeless style is having a moment in the spotlight we're always on board, as we know these pieces will keep working hard for many years to come. So, if like me, you're new to the lures of linen, I recommend scrolling down and checking out the cool-girl stylings of Chrissy Ford, Bubbly Aquarius, Monikh Dale and Eni's Wardrobe. You never know—you might just become a convert.

Linen Trousers + Tank Top + Chunky Sandals

Short-Sleeve Linen Shirt + Bikini + Sunnnies

Linen Shorts Suit + White Tee + Beige Ballet Pumps

Linen Blouse + Colour Pop Midi Skirt

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