Read All About Our Latest Obsession, Rodebjer

When it comes to stocking our warm-weather wardrobes, Rodebjer’s S/S 13 collection appears perfectly suited to the task. Swedish-born designer Carine Rodebjer’s namesake line is known for its relaxed, youthful appeal with a modern twist. Her cute-meets-contemporary aesthetic defines every piece this season, from the nature-inspired prints in a dreamy summer palette to the barely-flashy metallic accents that add a hint of glamour to your look. Most importantly, easygoing silhouettes, like a pair of slouchy pants or a boxy sweater, make the collection entirely wearable, whether it’s for a stroll in the city or a resort getaway. Continue reading for some of our can’t-miss pieces from Rodebjer’s collection, and be sure to check out our exclusive Q&A with the designer too.

1. Nera Insect Swimsuit ($190, 918.794.0738)
Creepy-crawlies have no place in our pools, unless they’re adorning this adorable one-piece swimsuit.

2. Rampling Meadow Pants ($200) in Yellow
We love the loose shape of these punchy floral pants. Offset their busy pattern with a solid white t-shirt for a fun weekend look.

3. Jasper Top ($335) in White
A lustrous panel gives this simple top a bit of futuristic appeal. Team it with crisp white skinnies for a sleek monochrome outfit.

4. Loop Bag ($480) in Black
You may change your mind about fanny packs after seeing Rodebjer’s understated belt bag. It adds an edgy downtown-girl flair to your look, in addition to being a truly convenient carrier.

5. Ian Belt ($87) in Bronze
This versatile metallic belt is the perfect accessory for cinching in all of summer’s floaty maxi dresses and printed kaftans.

6. Redford Shoes ($480) in Gold Lamé
Skip your everyday flats in favour of these pointy-toe slip-ons. Their metallic gold sheen and masculine-inspired shape pairs surprisingly well with everything, from floral sundresses to cropped pants.

7. Ivy Top ($430) in Flower
Downplay the cuteness factor of this floral button-up top by pairing it with skinny jeans, or go for a statement-making look by styling it with its matching skirt.

8. Sunflower Skirt ($335) in Flower
This mini skirt exudes a feminine and playful vibe. Dress it up for an evening out with a silky tank top and ankle-strap heels.

Q&A with Carin Rodebjer
What inspired the start of your design career?
A love of people, and my own experience of clothing as a companion to help you become what you want to become. I love how you can sculpture yourself with clothing. I also longed for elegance and beauty, but at the same time a direct and no-nonsense sensibility. As a woman today you want to look good without having to see yourself as an object. I want to look and feel good from my own perspective.

What was the inspiration behind this season's collection?
The inspiration for S/S 13 was the mysticism and the mathematics of nature. We found inspiration in the work of Andrea Zittel and how she presents her compressed and intensely organised work in the middle of the desert, the natural way her intelligent metal constructions play against the mathematics of nature.

How would you style specific pieces from this collection? Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
I think this collection is quite easy to style. It is versatile and can be worn during the day or night. You can style many of our sets as an ensemble or style them separately. Personally, I think this collection is best when you dress it down and approach it with a bohemian state of mind. My personal favourite pieces are the silk chiffon Agave kaftan that also doubles up as a dress, worn over the fine knitted piece The Sweater.

What kind of girl do you envision wearing your clothing?
I like timeless qualities both in garments and people. I see a gentlewoman who believes in herself and lives by her own terms, rather than by set standards of society. She knows where she is heading and she doesn’t like to complicate things. The girls and women we address are those who identify with us and with whom we identify. I see her as a woman who is interested in style from her own perspective, the same point of view that I have. She wants to look good and feel good, and relates to the no-nonsense elegance we are designing. If I were to name a particular woman, I would say Cate Blanchett or Isabella Rossellini.

How does your design process for a collection start?
It starts with a broad idea, a sensation or a feeling of how I want the collection to look and feel. Then we move on to details, trends, and silhouettes. I approach the process from an intellectual, emotional, and aesthetical perspective, but also from the physical experience of how the garments feel when wearing the--comfort is an essential part of my design, as I don’t like to feel restricted.