The Bridal Designer That Actually Made Me Like Wedding Dresses

Between working in fashion and spending an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest—where the wedding images are as plentiful as Audrey Hepburn quotes—I’ve been exposed to a large swath of wedding dress designs. And while I think many of them are pretty, I never had the intense squealing-with-delight reaction to a bridal gown as I did to say these Margiela tapestry boots or this silk Thakoon S/S 15 robe dress. I figured when I do get married some day I’d source a vintage gown or perhaps go for a non-bridal white dress from one of my favourite designers. That is until my colleague Nicole Kleist, casually g-chatted me a photo of a Lihi Hod wedding gown. Hod is an Israeli designer who was approached after design school by John Galliano to work with him in Paris at Dior. She now has her own line that feels within the realm of classic bridal style, but is touched with a fashion-forward aesthetic that immediately resonated with me.

Click through to check out some of Hod’s designs and don’t miss the long-sleeve lace Sophia dress—it’s the one that won over previously bridal-blind heart.