The One Face Mask Our Readers Just Can't Get Enough Of

Like it or not, face coverings have become an ingrained part of our day-to-day wardrobes, and while function will always trump form in this department, we can't deny that when we find one that ticks both boxes, we're not going to say no. Well, it seems as though you, our lovely readers, agree because Liberty London's face mask multi-pack has been trending like mad on all our stories this month, and we really can't blame you.

Liberty London face coverings



Coming in a stylish selection of Liberty's signature floral prints, they offer a much-needed pop of colour to any outfit, be it a print-clashing printed midi dress or a paired-back loungewear co-ord. Washable and able to be re-worn, these are sure to become indispensable this winter, when you just need one to grab-and-go on your way to the supermarket. 

While the Liberty mask is by far the most popular on our site right now, there are also plenty of other styles available for all occasions and tastes. Scroll down to see the Liberty style and other stylish options on the market right now. Who said you can't stay safe in style? 

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