Need Now: Levi's Is Auctioning Limited-Edition Grateful Dead Jackets

In celebration of 50 years of the Grateful Dead (as well as in excitement for their upcoming show at the Levi's Stadium next week), Levi's has customised 50 jackets featuring embroidered Grateful Dead artwork. Want to get your hands on one of these collector's pieces? Act quickly! Only eight of these "Type Three" trucker jackets are being made available to the public for bidding on eBay.

We caught up with James Curleigh, Levi's brand president, to get all the details. Scroll down for our Q&A and to see these awesome jackets!

Where did the vintage “Type Three” jackets get sourced from?
"They were sourced from Junkyard Jeans. Owned by Eric Schrader and based in Boise, Junkyard Jeans is considered to be one of the premier buyers, sellers, collectors, and sourcers of vintage denim, leather, and T-shirts in the world." 

What are the designs on the back of the jackets?
"Each of the eight vintage 'Type Three' trucker jackets are customised with a different piece of hand-embroidered Grateful Dead artwork. The one-of-a-kind Grateful Dead artwork includes the iconic Skull and Roses, Grateful Dead Stealie, Terrapin, and Dancing Bears in five colours."

Are the other 42 jackets being sold anywhere?
"The Levi’s Grateful Dead trucker jackets are not being sold to the general public, but don’t worry—Deadheads will still have a chance to get their hands on them through a variety of other ways!

"Levi’s will auction off eight one-of-a-kind vintage 'Type Three' trucker jackets via and eBay along with a pair of tickets to the sold-out shows at Levi’s Stadium this coming weekend. Levi's will also give away 10 classic Levi's trucker jackets, each customised with a Stealie patch, through the Levi’s Facebook page.

"Additionally, one jacket will be on display at Levi’s Stadium, and the remaining jackets will go to the band themselves along with their friends, family, and business partners." 

Describe Levi’s and the Grateful Dead’s relationship.
"Levi’s has always had a special relationship with the Grateful Dead. The two institutions both got their start in the Bay and have kept their home bases here, making SF an integral part of their identity. The de facto uniform of the counterculture movement in the '60s and '70s were a pair of Levi’s, and—whether it was Pigpen’s trucker vest, Jerry’s orange tabs, or Bobby’s infamous 501 cutoff shorts—the Dead always had Levi’s with them. Along with the infamous fog and cable cars, Levi’s and the Dead remain two of the most iconic names San Francisco has to offer. Together we’ve been making great memories and looking forward to one more great memory at Levi’s Stadium."

What’s the story of Jerry Garcia doing a commercial for Levi’s in the '80s?
"In 1987 Jerry did a radio spot for the 501 Blues campaign, proclaiming 'a good pair of Levi’s, bound to set me free.' And in 1995, after Jerry’s death, we took out a full-page ad in Rolling Stone with the simple message: 'May the four winds blow you safely home.'"

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