"Don't Wash Your Jeans" Do You Agree With Levis?


Have you ever thrown a relatively clean pair of stretched-out skinnies in the wash just to restore their elasticity? If you answered yes, we bet the CEO of Levi’s, Chip Bergh, might have a bone to pick with you. According to Bergh, we should all stop washing our jeans in an effort to save water. His reasoning? 50% of the water used in the life cycle of a pair of blue jeans is used after the consumer purchases the jeans, and we can reduce our impact on the earth by washing less, or not at all. Bergh admitted his year-old jeans have never hit the washing machine, and he has, “yet to get a skin disease.” While we’re not quite concerned about skin issues, we do wonder if we could forgo washing our favourite denim items entirely.

Do you agree with the CEO of Levi’s? Sound off in the comments below.