These Lesser-Known Brands Do the Best Lingerie

When it comes to lingerie, it's all too easy to get stuck in a bit of a rut—whether that's holding onto the same overstretched pairs you've had since you were at university or always returning to the same brand year after year. Of course, there's nothing wrong with having a go-to (after all, finding the perfect fit is notoriously difficult), however, every now and then, it's fun to mix things up. Our solution? Discover a lesser-known brand.

As a market, underwear was previously dominated by a handful of well-known names, but with the dawn of social media, smaller offerings have had the chance to compete in this competitive landscape. The last few years have seen a number of startups offering more innovative designs that tick both the form and function boxes, and we are 100% on-board.

In our experience, there's nothing more satisfying than stumbling across a niche label whilst browsing online and realising that they have the most beautiful lingerie edit. (Cue serious bragging rights.) So if you're looking for a little inspiration, we've rounded up five brands that you might not have heard of but that we could not recommend enough. Scroll down to see and shop our lesser-known picks.

1. Dora Larsen

2. Beija

3. Love Stories

4. Else

5. Araks

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