Are Treggings the New Leggings?

If you're a fan of leggings but worry that there's no place for them outside of spin class, we've made a game-changing discovery that you might benefit from. While recently scrolling through H&M's new arrivals section, we couldn't help but notice an item classified as "treggings." Naturally, we were intrigued by what we could only assume was a trouser-leggings hybrid, and sure enough, we were proven correct. H&M's treggings are surprisingly sleek (much more so than its jegging alternatives). You could even fool everyone and get away with wearing this dressy version of leggings to work. 

H&M's treggings in question feature a flattering centre seam and concealed waistband. We did a little investigating and found that the brand has other styles of treggings available (there's around 40 available right now, although we'd personally avoid the more colourful options as they feel a bit young), but we're partial to the new slim-fit version, which is even available in a touch-feeling faux suede version we'd think as pretty useful for the coming autumn season.


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Given the immense popularity of leggings these days, we wouldn't be surprised to see this new style evolve into a treggings trend.

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