No One Will Wear Leggings Without This Key Piece in 2017

Two fashion worlds are colliding right now to create your most reliable outfit formula for the rest of the year. Thanks to the burgeoning 1980s throwback trend alongside our continued obsession with quality, flattering leggings, is it any great wonder that blazers are now being worn with stretchy pants once more?

It was the two-piece go-to of many busy girls in the '80s, but there are noticeable differences in how girls are wearing the items now. The '80s tailoring featured sharper, bigger shoulders, and it was likely to be more statement-making with bulbous gold buttons or smatterings of fine, twinkly multicoloured beading. The leggings from that epoch were not made out of today's slimming high-tech fabrics that last wash after wash, but out of finer, less-flattering jersey or even bolder colours.

Today it's all about sombre hues and Scandi-miniminal styling. Think stirrup leggings with simple white shoes and a classic double-breasted jacket, or a belted heritage blazer worn over black leggings and matching black ankle boots. Keep reading to see the best blazer-and-leggings outfit tricks and shop for the essential pieces required.